Environmental Policy

RVM Systems are a main supplier of reverse vending solutions and high-speed counting solutions to Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) markets as well as other markets across the world.

RVM Systems have a comprehensive range of RVMs of standalone types and modular customizable systems. RVM Systems is committed to taking a leading role within our industry in minimising the environmental impact from our business activities.

This policy has been structured in line with BS 8555:2003 Environmental Management Systems requirements. It explains our intentions and commitment around improved environmental performance.

RVM Systems endeavour to:

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and integrate environmental management procedures and best practice into all our business operations.
  • Continually monitor and actively reduce the environmental impacts of the company’s operations.
  • Make more effective use of resources, particularly by minimising waste production and increasing the development of markets for the waste and recycling industry.
  • Develop, implement and promote sustainable procurement options.
  • Seek ways to minimise energy and water use within day to day operation.
  • Reduce CO2 emission levels and polluting factors and draw critical links between improving waste management and CO2 reduction.
  • Utilise telemetry / Internet telephony and VOIP to reduce travel and CO2 emissions.
  • Adopt and manage waste management procedures, which promote waste minimisation, re-use, recovery and recycling.
  • Where these options are unavailable we will ensure that our waste is correctly handled and disposed of in a way that has the least impact on the environment.
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Take into consideration broader environmental impacts in scoping capital projects and partnerships.
  • Highlight the importance of the organisation's environmental standards and promote environmental best practice within our organisation, to key stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers.

Successful delivery of this policy will incorporate:

  • Annual review our environmental policies and performance in line with company operations and objectives and allocate resources for their effective implementation and improvement.
  • Set and monitor environmental performance objectives and targets.
  • Reduction of our ecological footprint.
  • Ensure that our policy is made available for public review if requested.